FAGE is the dairy company that has made Greek yoghurt known and loved around the globe.

The FAGE story

FAGE (pronounced ‘fa-yeh’) is the dairy company that has created flavours that are loved by consumers around the globe. It began its business in 1926 with the first dairy shop in Athens, Greece established by the family of Athanassios Filippou, the grandfather of today’s CEO and Chairman.

At the beginning of the 1950s, our need to distribute the dairy shop’s yoghurt - which had already become very famous - to customers in the broader Athens area, as well as the rest of Attica, was growing. So, in 1954, under the guidance of Athanassios Filippou, the father of Ioannis and Kyriakos Filippou, the first yoghurt wholesale network was launched in the broader Attica area. Sales were steadily improving but even the most optimistic forecasts could not predict our future success, which would completely change the yoghurt market in Greece and internationally in the years to come.

We opened a small new yoghurt production plant in Galatsi, a suburb of Athens, in 1964, which was a major step for the two brothers. Their success led to the relocation, in 1975, of our corporate and production facilities to Metamorfossi. Here, the famous FAGE Total yoghurt was standardized and produced, as such, for the first time.

In 1983, Total yoghurt was first exported to the U.K. Soon afterwards and thanks to its growing popularity , FAGE Total has carved out a niche for itself in all of its international markets: U.K., Italy, followed by the other E.U. countries, as well as Australia, Hong Kong, Ethiopia, the U.S.A. and many others. Today, people can enjoy Total yogurt in more than 40 different countries all around the world!

In 2006, the third generation of the Filippou family took over the management of FAGE, which by then had become the FAGE Group, with continuing international growth, while building on our Greek heritage.

Exports to the United States started in 1998. The tremendous success of our FAGE Total yoghurt in the US market, led to the decision to construct a yoghurt production facility in Johnstown, New York, which began operations in April 2008. Today, FAGE owns and operates two production facilities in Greece (for yoghurt, dairy desserts and cheese production) and one yoghurt production plant in Johnstown, New York, which is the largest of our facilities in terms of production capacity. FAGE is committed to continuing to grow and expand this success story working closely with customers, suppliers and investors. FAGE is a company whose name and reputation for quality are trusted by millions of consumers all over the world.

The increasingly international nature of the Group’s business led to an internal restructuring in 2012 designed to enhance the efficiency of the Group’s corporate structure. Following the restructuring, the Group remains 100% owned and strategically led by members of the Filippou family. As a result of the restructuring, FAGE International S.A., a newly formed Luxembourg corporation, is the parent company for all of the Group’s operations.

FAGE International S.A. is committed to continuing to grow our business with our customers, suppliers and investors. We are a company whose name and reputation for quality are trusted by millions of consumers all over the world.



  • Athanassios Filippou's dairy shop founded at 213 Patission street.
  • Launching of the first yoghurt wholesale network and involvement of Ioannis Filippou, today FAGE’s Honorary President, in the family business.
  • Establishment of the yoghurt (and pastry products) plant in Galatsi by the brothers Ioannis and Kyriakos Filippou.
  • FAGE’s relocation to the Metamorfossi plant, where FAGE TOTAL, the first Greek standardized and branded yoghurt, is produced.
  • Exports start. First country, England.
  • Entry in the cheese category.
  • Entry in the milk category.
  • Opening of the yoghurt production plant in the U.S.A.
  • As part of a corporate restructuring to better reflect the international nature of the business, FAGE International S.A. is founded in Luxembourg and is now the parent company of all FAGE operations.